Your personalised Latent Assistant.

Ask it questions like how you will ask an analyst to do work for you. It is your assistant to help crunch market data, screen instruments from universe, watch your market positions and write memos.

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Increase your economic productivity.

We spend a lot of our time watching our investments and making decisions but it is often time consuming and labour-intensive to do it at scale. Latent accelerates your investment decisions by streaming you powerful analytics and monitoring in the cloud -- and brings you more conviction and speed to your investment process.

Unlike regular market providers and data platforms, it doesn't slow you down if you run heavy analytical processes. More than just a stock bot, Latent comes with expert investment knowledge, language understanding and generation capability. You only need low bandwidth to run the features, useful for when you are on the go. You will get alerted of price moves and you will quickly stay ahead of where markets are trending. Built to simplify the investment process, it is like turbocharging your work throughput.

Latent helps you to create economic value without constraint.

Fetch Market Data (Stocks, ETFs, Indices and Options)
Fetch Market Data

The virtual assistant can fetch live and historical market prices of instruments.

For stock options, it will match the best strike and expiry to your language query.

Analyse and Backtest Portfolios
Analyse and Backtest

The virtual assistant can run common backtesting strategies and generate an excel report for you.

Select combinations of instruments, decide if is long/short and apply leverage to it.

Screen Global Financial Assets for Returns and Sharpe
Screen Global Financial Assets for Returns and Sharpe

The virtual assistant can screen out the most impactful and trending assets for you at any point of time.

Universe includes Stocks of key markets, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Currencies and World Indexes.

Generate Memos for Research and Email
Generate Memos

The virtual assistant can write new emails and replies for you from a simple prompt.

It uses Natural Language Generation to write examples for you to select and send out.

Monitor Price Levels Across Assets
Monitor Positions

The virtual assistant can help monitor your portfolio positions live 24/7 and alert you when price levels are met.

Useful for you to set key levels, forget and be notified when the event comes.

Chat with Expert Knowledge from the Internet
Answer Your Expert Questions

The virtual has knowledge of the internet and is able to answer your expert questions.

Throw it FAQ and opinionated questions on the go.


  • Market Data


Go to Dashboard >
  • Market Data
  • Universe screener for Returns and Sharpe (Global ETFs, stocks, currencies, commodities, indices)
  • Analyse (Backtest)
  • NLP to generate memos
  • 24/7 live price level monitoring
  • 7 days free trial
Start using Latent now by clicking this Telegram link @latentaibot and saying Hi to your personalized assistant, then go Dashboard to manage your account and to register it with your Telegram. Here is a quick start guide for you.