Palantir is a software that builds decision and operation based on data. Since lots of companies have fragmented data that arises the difficulty in making a decision, the platform helps the organizations to integrate their data, decisions, and operations into one platform and can answer complex questions.

Products - Gotham

Overview: Every organization has its data either structured like spreadsheets or unstructured like emails. This data stored in the database in a disconnected system where each one diver in type and volume, so it is difficult to decide data because the decision-makers want a platform to answer their questions. Palantir Gotham integrates all the data in a single data asset, and the data can flow to Palantir Gotham with only authorized users who can use it.


1) Data Integration: Palantir Gotham integrate the data in a single data asset, so the human can use the data to answer the questions. Instead of rows and columns, Palantir Gotham transforms the data into objects that represent real concepts like people and organizations. This data model called Dynamic Ontology where the objects in the model can be re-defined over time.

2) Secure Collaboration: Palantir Gotham makes organization-wide collaboration possible through platform-wide security.

3) Unified Search and Discovery: offer a single point of research across internal and external data.


1) Graph: build the relationship between different data objects.

2) Map: apply geospatial analytics in the platform.

3) Object Explorer: allow to the analyst to filter high amount of data until reaching the required subset.

Products - Foundry

A data integration platform that enables users with a different technical background and deep subject expertise to work with data. The users can source, connect, and transform into any desired shape to make a decision. Palantir Foundry has some capabilities that will power the data transformation.

1) Data security: protect your data confidently and understand how an insight came of both data and code.

2) Business ontology: unify your organization by capturing all business aspects in a common ontology.

3) Analytics diversity: empower business analysts to unlock complex analytics easily, solve advanced analytics for data engineers and data scientists, and apply artificial intelligence and machine learning with data.

To use Palantir Foundry successfully, the whole organization should come together to transform the organization by utilizing the advantage of data. By using the platform, the cost of new data projects will drop, and instead, the value of the data asset will increase. Also, the platform helps each organization to combine the data in a common ontology. Furthermore, the platform helps decision-makers to answer complex questions with no coding and allow for data scientist operate at the heart of the business.

Solutions of Palantir Platform

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Automotive
  • Auto racing
  • Case management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Financial compliance
  • General data protection regulation (GDPR)
  • Insurance
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal intelligence
  • Manufacturing
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Pharma
  • Sales and revenue
  • Airlines