“I provide all-around advice and implementation on developing fintech and commercialisation projects, particularly in B2B SaaS, data, and financial markets.”


Wen Jie is a managing director based in Singapore with expertise in advising growth companies and institutions on developing and commercialising technology projects in Asia. With over 9 years of experience in the industry, Wen Jie has a proven track record of helping clients across a wide range of industries develop and implement effective technology and management strategies.

Wen Jie has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and best practices in the industry and has a keen ability to identify and leverage the technologies that will provide the most outstanding value to clients. Wen Jie is particularly interested in tech, B2B SaaS, commercialisation strategies, data & process automation and financial markets. He specialises in advising, supporting, and building companies in the Fintech space. He has significant experience acting for growth companies, government affiliates and financial institutions on complex analytics and strategy work.

In addition to Wen Jie’s technical expertise, he is also known for his strong interpersonal and communication skills. Wen Jie can build strong, lasting relationships with clients and can translate complex technical concepts into language that is easily understood by non-technical stakeholders.

Work highlights

Wen Jie has advised on several notable technological projects, including:


  • Advising an Energy Trader on data commercialisation strategies

Web3 & Metaverse

  • Advising a Media Company on Web3, NFTs and IP commercialisation strategies

Advanced Analytics

  • Advising a large Telecommunications Conglomerate in Asia regarding email marketing & sales strategies using targeted email outreaches and data analytics
  • Advising a large Government Hospital in Singapore to track online sentiment reacting to their media releases using natural language processing tools
  • Running quantitative trading strategies in Asia Macro for sell-side and buy-side financial institutions

B2B SaaS

  • Advising one of the largest Commercial Automobile Dealerships in Singapore on sales inventory management integration into their systems
  • Building social listening software to monitor live company sentiment to generate trading signals and monitor accounts for PR management
  • Building an AI virtual assistant to track market data and backtest strategies on the fly
  • Building infrastructure for APIs for crypto payments

Education and qualifications

Wen Jie holds a Bachelor of Business Management (Finance, Investment Banking Concentration) from Singapore Management University.

He manages teams and programs full-stack for commercial projects. He is fluent in English and Mandarin.

Lee Wen Jie
Managing Director
[email protected]
+65 8845 4124