Latent builds value maximising due diligence platform for data-driven decisions

Drive time constrained decisions

Due diligence operates within limitations of time and labour. Low on time, high on pressure to get checks right, else mistakes are costly.

At Latent, we build an expert vertical platform to answer questions in deal lifecycle to unlock deeper insights.

Your business benefits

  1. Achieve more analytical throughput with leaner resources
  2. Reduce time spent to search up your company data across silos
  3. Get the answers you need faster, so you can make decisions more quickly and confidently

What makes the Latent platform different?

We provide a 'just work' expert vertical system that allows you to discover, prepare and analyze your data, collaborate and share, with built in accounting, finance and legal expert knowledge.

What is offered on the Latent platform now?

A highly accurate and easy to search service and data room, powered by machine learning. It delivers power natural langugage search capabilities to your websites and applications so your users can find the information they need instantly from the vast amount of content across your company data store.

Use Benefit
Get immediate answer by asking natural language questions Use natural langauge to query your data, instead of just keywords for better outcomes. Get answers in the form of a precise answer, FAQ, or document. There is no need to sift through huge volume of documents anymore.
Centralize all your data together Let your team access all the data they need. Centralize content from file folders, SharePoint, cloud storage so you can quickly search through your data.
Constantly improve serach results Your search results will get better over time, as the machine learning algorithms learn which data is most valuable.
Managed deployment Our engineers will set up and manage the file systems for you.
Ability to add custom features to your industry and business use cases Need custom data analytics feature? We will get it built for you.

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