We believe that highly autonomous and automatic systems can outperform humans at most economic valuable work.
This will benefit all of humanity as humans are left to focus more on creative pursuits.

Who is involved

Team is based in Singapore with experience and expertise in technology, finance, software and data analytics. Incorporated under Rocketship. Pte. Ltd.
We work with market data, AI and conversational natural language


Companies face cost cutting pressures, need immediate results for time sensitive work in finance, accounting and legal domains and are underserved by conventional advisory firms.
  1. Staff may not possess full expert knowledge
  2. Need immediate results for time sensitive work
  3. Underserved segment, sophisticated, yet ‘too small’ for professional firms to serve


Personalized AI powered virtual assistant for analyst work (with complete spreadsheet analysis)
  1. Market Data (public and private data)
  2. Proprietary AI engine and Analysis
  3. Omnichannel integrations
  4. Open API ecosystem for developers
  5. Dedicated conversational computing hardware with i.e. display, keyboard I/O for plug and play
Have partnership lines with big 4 / advisory firms to get finance to accounting to legal knowledge built in.


6 Raffles Blvd, #03-308 Marina Square, Singapore 039594